Dad's Army: The Lost Episodes

An hilarious stage adaptation of the hit BBC comedy brimming with bulldog spirit and a star-studded cast.

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During its 35 week Number 1 tour of the UK (Autumn 2007 & Spring 2008), Dad's Army: the Lost Episodes picked up 5 star reviews and played to packed houses along the way. Lovingly recreated for the stage, this fabulous production breathes new life into the misadventures of the UK’s favourite Home Guard platoon in their fictional South Coast town of Walmington-on-Sea.

Based by writer Jimmy Perry on his own youthful experiences, the series was initially rejected by the BBC for fear that it would denigrate our wartime heroes. This was to gloriously miss the point: the platoon, led by pompous bank manager Captain Mainwaring may have been bumblers of the first rank, but there was never any doubt that if the feared 'Nazi paratroopers' had actually landed they would have fought to a man.

Jimmy Perry and David Croft were finally persuaded to make the original scripts, which were last produced in the 1970s, available for this lavish new production. It features four of the original episodes, including the classic, award-winning “Deadly Attachment” in which Capt. Mainwaring and his loyal platoon capture a German U Boat Crew with uproarious results.
However, the highlight of the evening is the inclusion of two very rare and real gems - the lost episodes, not seen since 1969.  This production offers a unique opportunity to see two classics that have been completely lost since the originals were carelessly erased by BBC engineers. The first, “A Stripe For Frazer” reveals the competition between Frazer and Jones when Mainwaring offers a promotion to the rank of Corporal for one of his lucky soldiers, while “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker” catalogues Pte. Walker’s desperate attempt to avoid the draft - madcap mayhem ensues.

The production stars Leslie Grantham (EastEnders) as the racketeering cockney Pte. Walker. The production has been so successful that a new version of the show is planned for Spring 2010 (see Dad's Army Marches On).


This is gentle, life-affirming comedy at its very best so… who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler?